Saturday, August 8, 2015

I did it again

I installed W10 on my wife's laptop last night. It is so satisfying to me to have now installed W10 twice without a single problem. Microsoft has done it right!

I started the install just before I went to bed last night. When I got up this morning, it had finished. I have no idea how long it took, and I don;t know what sort of magic they have included,but it sure worked like magic.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Windows 10 & the MVPS HOSTS File

I have to say that I really like W10 so far. I am only using it as a staight replacement for W8.1 so far, and it performs flawlessly.

I also just installed the August 2015 MVPS HOSTS file. It went in with no problem at all.

Don't be shy people. I think you will like W10.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I did it and it was easy!

I am now running Windows 10. It was a very easy transition. I am able to easily do the things I have been doing, and there is so much new stuff to explore.

The upgrade from 8.1 to 10 was flawless. No problems at all. I can't really say how long it took because I started it and left the house for a few hours and it was done when I returned.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

When can I upgrade to Windows 10?

I received this as an e-mail from Microsoft this morning.

Learn about upgrading, Windows 10 features, and more
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Windows 10
When can I upgrade to Windows 10?

We want to give every customer a great upgrade experience, so we’re rolling it out in an organized way to manage high demand and to make sure that the upgrade is right for your device. After July 29, when Windows 10 is ready for your device, it will download in the background. You’ll then get a notification to schedule your upgrade right away or at another time that’s convenient for you.

Here are some common questions about the upgrade process. Click on the links for answers.

     How long does it take to install the upgrade?

     What if I have more than one Windows device – can I upgrade them all?

     What edition of Windows will I get as part of this free upgrade?

     Will my PC or tablet be compatible with Windows 10?

Should you need any help or have any additional questions after upgrading, a Microsoft Answer Tech will be available to assist you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Irony alert: Password-storing company is hacked

"No one's safe from hackers -- not even LastPass, a company that stores people's passwords."

It's true. Putting all of one's eggs in one basket may not be the prudent thing to do.

Monday, June 15, 2015

The secret behind why Windows 10 is so good

"Microsoft listened to you. More than anything else, that's why Windows 10 won't be another Windows 8 or Vista."

In conversations with CNNMoney, top decision makers at Dell, Hewlett-Packard (HPQ, Tech30) and Toshiba noted that Microsoft requested their input throughout the process of creating Windows 10. They said Microsoft listened to their feedback -- and, vicariously, PC customers' feedback -- and made a better operating system as a result.

Responding to customer demands. The PC makers said that process was vastly improved from the way that Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) conducted its business ahead of the Windows 8 launch. They said Windows 8 felt forced on them while Windows 10 felt like more of a conversation.

"It's pretty cool how responsive Microsoft has been to feedback," said Mike Nash, HP's head of product strategy. "We were right there in the room planning Windows 10 with them from very beginning."

"There's a new dawn at Microsoft," said Allison Dew, Dell's marketing chief (and a former Microsoft employee). "What we've seen in terms of development and cooperation with Microsoft this time around is unlike what we've seen in past years."

Windows is good again. The result, they say is a much more refined operating system that customers will get excited about. That's a very different experience from Windows 8, which literally had customers calling their PC companies in droves wondering how to get to the desktop or turn their PCs off.

"We're more excited about this launch than we have been in a really long time," said Dew. "I've been through amazing windows launches and some that weren't quite as amazing. This has the feel of something amazing."

"Windows 8 was a difficult out-of-the-box adjustment to consumers," said Jeff Barney, head of Toshiba's U.S. PC business. "Windows 10 has good features and is generating some buzz -- that's enough to get people back to the PC market.