Friday, June 1, 2012

MacBook Pro Sold

I have sold my MacBook Pro 17", a beautiful and powerful machine. I bought it thinking I would branch out in my PCDoc business to support Macs once I learned more about these different machines. Between moving from Vermont to Massachusetts and spending less time in Maine in the summers, that part of my business never really took off, and I was left hanging on to this very expensive MacBook that generated no income. I never got to use it much. The bottom line is that it simply wasn't running Windows, and hate Windows if you will, I was used to it, could keep it up and running, and it was where my PCDoc business was. I just could not get myself to like OS/X or Leopard or Lion enough to commit to the MacBook, so it sat mostly gathering dust, and it just made no sense for me to keep it.

So I listed it for sale on Craigslist, and boy did I learn something and quickly at that. I had so many inquiries from scammers who wanted the machine, sight unseen, to be shipped to Nigeria. That was one issue, but the real issue was that they wanted me to ship it and only THEN receive payment! Something is basically wrong with this business model of theirs. I just feel so bad for people who are taken in by these scammers and lose their valuable assets in the process.

I finally sold it to a family in my new hometown, and am happy about this, and particularly happy that the new owner tried out my machine for a day and found it was just what they needed for their business. They already had a lot of Mac experience, and that is what this machine needed. I would not have wanted to sell it to someone with no Mac experience.

I have to say, speaking as an experienced Windows user, the Mac is NOT as user-friendly as the Mac users world would have you believe. I can see a youngster cutting his or her teeth on a Mac and getting to love it and swear by it, but it simply is not a lot of fun for a Windows user to make the transition.