Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SOS - don't be "Lernered"

Not meaning to be political. but I thought the news about the IRS losing Lois Lerner's e-mail and then later saying the e-mails of 6 other IRS employees had also been lost, was a bit hard to swallow.

I know from experience how much large organizations, but certainly the IRS, keep multiple copies of all computer data. Perhaps the IRS should contact the NSA. Surely they have copies of all of Ms. Lerner's data! This is sorta said tongue in cheek, but the whole mess is just so hard to believe.

Why? Because I use SOS Online Backup ( With SOS I know all of my data is safe and secure on the SOS backup systems in the cloud. I check it periodically and have retrieved data from my backups successfully.

It almost seems impossible to me, but I have been an SOS customer for over 3 years! I mean, the time has just gone by so quickly.

I started with SOS in March of 2011. At first I backed up all of my data on the SOS cloud. I had nearly 100 GB of data so the initial backup process took some time - a matter of days. After that I ran the backup program on a daily basis. It would back up any new data I had created that day. In a matter of months, maybe weeks, I realized that I didn't really have to do this every day and switched to weekly backups. I have been running weekly backuos for years now and am very confident that every photo, every song, every document is backed up in the SOS Cloud, and I know I can retrieve any item in a matter of a minute or less. I have tested this, and the system works.

I know there are other backup services out there. I can only state that SOS works! Give it a try and don't be "Lernered"!