Thursday, May 9, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4: Jack of all trades, still master of just one

From the Boy Genius Report,

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review 

"The Galaxy S4 is one of the most impressive phones on the planet, but a troubling trend has emerged and it calls Samsung's long-term strategy into question. This sleek Samsung smartphone will definitely get customers in the door, but is the company doing enough to ensure that they keep coming back?"

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Solid Sales, and Criticism, for Latest Version of Windows

From the New York Times (I highlighted the last few words - the red highlighted section):

"With Windows 8, Microsoft made bold changes to the look of the software that powers most personal computers. But those moves may have been too aggressive for some customers, the company now concedes.

Microsoft revealed Thursday that it had sold 100 million licenses for its flagship software since it was released six months ago. That was roughly the same number of licenses it sold for the well-received, previous version of the system, Windows 7, in about the same time period. 

Yet Windows 8 has struck a sour note with parts of the computer-buying public. With Windows 8, Microsoft replaced the operating system’s traditional appearance with an interface that looks like a screen of tiles. The change left some customers cold, and though they could switch between the old and te new look, it apparently was not clear enough to some of them how to do it."

Monday, May 6, 2013

6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Viruses

This comes to us from the Call That Girl web site.

"Did you know that computer viruses can now take pictures of you or worse yet, live video? Well they can, and I’ve witnessed it! It’s a pretty scary thing; who knows what kind of information we are unknowingly giving these people. The question is this…is someone really recording the video or is it in the virus programmed to scare you? Either way, don’t take the risk! Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

1.) Tape your webcam if you’re not using it or face it towards the ceiling.
2.) Unplug your microphone when you’re not using it.
3.) Check your add-ons in Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer.
4.) Hang up on anyone calling you to tell you that your computer is infected.
5.) When adding new software, beware of the new software they will load on your computer, such as the “Ask Toolbar,” “Mcafee Security Scan,” etc.
6.) If you suspect you may have a virus, have your computer looked at by a professional (like Call That Girl!) ASAP."

I should add, with all due respect to Lisa, you might also consider calling me!