Monday, July 7, 2014

Downloading Programs?

If you have a need to download a program, please use

I look at so many customer machines where I see what I consider "junk" programs. Many of these come along for a free ride when you download a program you want, but get from some other web site. For years I recommended for downloads, but they have become so unfriendly that I strongly recommend that you switch now to

Even so, when you download a program, regardless of source, you need to READ the screens that display when installing the program

Why? Here is one example. When downloading ccleaner from filehippo, one of the displays asks if you want to also download and install Google Chrome. I can't tell you how many installations of Google Chrome I have seen and the customes says "I don't know how it got there". I usually do know! The answer is in this paragraph, so READ the installation screens.