Friday, December 4, 2015


I still cannot say enough about CCleaner. In my opinion it should be installed on every Windows system.

It is still free, but be forewarned  that the company, Piriform, now offers two versions that come at a cost. I do not use either of the fee-based programs - I should say YET! In some cases when I have downloaded the latest version I am reminded of, and encouraged to buy, one of the fee versions. To date I have not succumbed to the temptation!

This program used to be called "Crap Cleaner" until they gave it a less offensive name of CCleaner. That is what it dies, it cleans the crap from your system, and that is good. It is small and very fast. If you run it once a week it will probably take 30 seconds (after your initial run which will likely be longer) . 

I encourage all Windows users to get CCleaner. I can only recommend the free version because I have no experience with the fee versions.

You can download the free version here: or on my favorite web site for downloading stuff:

If you do not use this tool and if you do download it and have any problems or questions, write me at