Monday, October 20, 2014

Best free spyware and adware removal tool

Finally Kim Komando agrees with me! :-) No, but seriously, I have been recommending Malwarebytes as a free tool to clean up malware on your system. It is one excellent tool and normally the first thing I run on YOUR systems when you ask me to clean your system.

As Kim points out, it is a passive tool. This means you have to run it. Unlike your anti-virus program which is active and always looking out for bad stuff, you take control with this tool. Please note that Malwarebytes does have a fee-based tool as well, and this is an active tool. If you don't mind spending the money go for it!

For the time being I am using the free version, the one I have been recommending all these years. It is an excellent tool. Kim recommends running this once a month. I recommend every 2 weeks. I am considering buying the fee-based version.

Check out What Kim has to say about this.

Best free spyware and adware removal tool