Friday, April 18, 2014

XP Still going strong

Okay, enough of this. This'll be my last such post. A full 10 days after the cessation of XP security updates from Microsoft, my 2 XP machines are running fine. I do a Windows Update every other day or so, and have not seen any security updates from Microsoft. On the other hane, Microsoft continues to push out virus definition files, almost one a day, for its MSE, so that's good.

I also haven't heard of any XP-directed attacks.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Windows XP lives on: Avast survey shows 27 percent of its XP users don't plan to switch

At least we know where we stand. I would think that more than 27% are sticking with XP. By the way, Avast makes a very fine free anti-virus.

"Microsoft may have ended support for Windows XP, but free antivirus software vendor Avast projects that for millions of users, that won’t mean squat. 

Avast had previously reported that 23.6 percent of its users were still running Windows XP. In the days before Microsoft ended support of Windows XP on April 8, Avast surveyed close to 165,000 of those users. The results, released in in a blog post on Monday, indicate that 27 percent of Avast’s Windows XP users don’t plan on doing anything, even though Windows XP systems are theoretically vulnerable to attack from hitherto unreported vulnerabilities."

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