Saturday, March 8, 2014

XP Users: One Month to go!

The final countdown begins today. There is just one month to the day when Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP. There is much being written about this.

As I understand it, and I may be wrong, after April 8 Microsoft will no longer issue security fixes or updates. I do think they would fix something that was broken, although what can break probably has already broken and has likely been fixed.

Nonetheless we move forward. As noted elsewhere and often, I maintain 2 Windows XP laptops in my home office area. I intend to keep these going as long as the hardware lasts or until XP itself fails. I think the former will happen sooner, but we shall see.

My first recommendation to everyone in this situation is twofold:

1) Be sure you have been getting the latest Windows updates and manually run an update check as late as April 7 and also on April 8. Just for the fun of it I will continue to run it after the 8th.

2) Make sure your anti-virus program is up to date as well. I may suffer double jeopardy in that I use Microsoft's Security Essentials on both laptops I can't believe, however, that Microsoft would stop providing updates to their own MSE even if it is running on XP. My assumption is that these MSE updates will continue beyond 4/8.

My expectation is that all of the applications I have installed on my 2 machines will continue to run and be updated by the manufacturer. I am fortunate enough to have Microsoft Office 2007. I believe support for Office 2003 expires on the same date (4/8) but support for Office 2007 will continue.