Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why your cable bills are so high, and what you can do

This article was written by Kim Komando for USA Today, where I found it. It has some good nuggets worth reading about.

We are in the middle of switching from Verizon FIOS to Comcast. It's nice to have some competition in our town. I tried very hard to get Verizon to give us a better deal. We have their Triple Play bundle. They would do nothing for us. My last attempt to get them to budge was with their Retention Department, supposedly the last resort and best chance place to get a better deal.

I found Comcast very accommodating and willing to get the best package for us at prices lower than Verizon. We will be getting all new in-house equipment of course (modem/router/set top boxes, DVR, etc.). We will be replacing 3 year old Verizon equipment.

We have been thinking a lot lately about getting rid of the land line, and finally have done that! We will see how we do with just our 2 cell phones and, if necessary will use a different approach to a land line. There are several out there.

We will be leaving behind Verizon's Quantum internet service and going to the much slower Comcast high speed internet. With Verizon we have actual recorded speeds of 68 MBPS download and 42 MBPS upload as measured by We will settle for Comcast's 25 MBPS download and 5 MBPS upload. We believe that, although Comcast is considerably slower, it is plenty fast for what we do at home.