Friday, September 28, 2012

Can a tablet replace your laptop?

This is from Kim Komando's web site, This is extracted from Kim's Daily Tip of 9/27/2012. I have deleted references to the questioner who posed the subject question in order to protect her privacy.

"........You heard correctly that tablets are becoming more like laptops. However, the two gadgets still have different areas of focus.

They're both big investments as far as money is concerned, so you want to make sure you buy the one that works best for you.

Despite all the advances in hardware and software, tablets are still geared toward content consumption. It's easy to watch streaming video, play games, read e-books, listen to music and do light Web browsing.

Creating content isn't so easy. Also, remember that tablets don't run Windows, so any must-have Windows-based programs you own won't work. You'll have to find apps to replace them.

On the plus side, tablets are a bit more portable than laptops. You can easily use one while sitting on the couch watching TV, in bed or when you're out and about.

If that's the kind of use you want, then a tablet is a good choice. Learn more about buying a tablet in my buying guide.

Laptops still have the edge over tablets in content creation thanks to the physical keyboard, a larger screen and more-powerful productivity software.

If you want to write a book, edit photos, create slideshows or do serious Internet browsing, a laptop is the better choice. Read my laptop buying guide to learn more about choosing a good laptop.

Before you make your final decision, xxxxxxxxxx, I'd head out to the store to try out some tablets.

Pay special attention to the on-screen keyboard. Some people can use it just fine while others need a physical keyboard to be happy. You can buy physical keyboards for tablets, but at that point it would probably be better to buy a laptop.

I'd also do some research on apps to make sure you can find ones that do what you need. There's no sense buying a tablet if it is missing a key software feature........................."