Thursday, August 9, 2012

7 hidden costs of a new computer

This is good! It comes from Call That Girl Blog.

Let’s say you bought your computer a few years ago and it’s not playing nice right now. So many things are going wrong that you decide it’s not worth fixing and just buy new. For some people, it’s an easy choice. Pay $150 or more to try to fix the old clunker or invest a few hundred bucks and get a brand spanking new computer! Seems like a logical choice? New is just a few bucks more so why not? For the average home user, all they need to do is just plug it in and go. Or not? Not so much lately. With all the technology advances, getting a new computer can cost you a few bucks if you need us to help you after new software purchases. Here is a list I have outlined. I have started with home users, but most businesses will need all of the items in the list done. Our costs are listed in parenthesis. Of course, when we help you we just knock out each issue and it’s billed per hour. The average new computer set up is approximately 2 hours for a home user at $198 or a business at $297. 

Home users
  1. Printers, if your old one is so old…the regular software may not work on a new Windows 7 computer. You may need to buy a new printer or have us help find the right software for you ($39 to $79)
  2. Itunes (special help with getting your iPhone/iPod set up $39-79)
  3. Transferring your data (documents, music, internet favorites and pictures) from old to new computer ($39-$59)
  4. Antivirus. If you already are paying a service from a Big Box company, you should be able to call them and get it reinstalled on your new computer. You may need to buy a new license.
  5. Software for word, spreadsheets, etc. Find those old installations disks!
  6. Replacing any software that you “borrowed” from a friend, usually cannot be replaced at this point. You will need to borrow that CD again to install it and it may not be compatable. You may need to buy a version that works with Windows. Many old software programs just do not work at all with newer computers.
  7. Getting your computer on the network and sharing with other computers in the home/office
Business. Same list as above, but add on
  • Quickbooks/Peachtree/ACT set up
  • Outlook PST file set up and email configuration
  • Online back up solutions or external hard drive computer back up configuration
  • File sharing solutions (such as Dropbox)
  • Smartphone synchronizing wth Outlook and computer