Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Windows 10 - Again

I finally figured out how to get the "Get Windows 10 APP", visible to the PC user by the icon in the system tray, on my desktop. These icons started to appear on our systems back in (about) June or July 2015. However, it did not appear on my desktop PC. It did appear on our two laptops, and W10 was subsequently successfully installed.

So this week, after puzzling over this for many moons, I did a manual Windows Update and selected an Optional update to install Internet Explorer 11. I restarted my system afterwards, and the Get Windows 10 App icon immediately appeared in my system tray! Very strange I thought.

Anyway, I went ahead and installed W10 replacing the W7 installation already there.

The installation of W10 went very well and without any hitches.

I really do like W10, and that is why I decided to leave the older systems behind.

I recommend W10 wholeheartedly and without hesitation for most users. I would say that IMHO you should have 8 GB of RAM. This is not required, but based on my experience I would not recommend W10 until/unless you have at least 8 GB of RAM.

I worked on a customer's machine that had upgraded to W10 but had only 4 GB of RAM. It works. It doesn't complain, but I believe W10 will be much happier with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM.

BTW, my PC Doc e-mail address has changed, and it is pcdoc @ our4sons.com (drop the 2 spaces).