Saturday, December 14, 2013


The hit counter at the bottom of this page shows that today we had our 25,000th visitor. I am very grateful to those of you who have visited over these 6 years since I first started blogging here. Thank you. I hope you have found some useful tips or advice herein.


Microsoft likely to bring back Start menu in future Windows update

Well, this is really good news. I hope it's true. I am doing well with my new laptop running Windows 8 (I will upgrade to Windows 8.1 after a few more weeks of hands-on learning. I want to be able to support Windows 8 clients as well as Windows 8.1 clients.)

The traditional Start Menu is sorely missed by me, and I have yet to find a suitable replacement. So far I am using work-arounds to get the results I desire and can be happy with. More on that as I gain further knowledge of exactly how Windows 8 differs from earlier Windows products. That is an ongoing process.

I found this article on

"Computerworld - Microsoft will bring back the Start menu to Windows 8 and let users run "Metro" apps inside windows on the desktop, restoring traditional elements to its newest operating system, according to a report by a long-time Microsoft watcher.

Paul Thurrott, citing anonymous sources, claimed Monday that the next update for Windows, which other pundits have pegged for the spring of 2015, will offer options for both a Start menu and on-desktop execution of the touch-centric "Modern," nee "Metro," apps.

In October, Microsoft restored a pseudo-Start button in Windows 8.1, and gave users the option of circumventing the tile-style Start screen by booting directly to the conventional desktop. However, it declined to reinstate a Start menu.

But neither of the alleged future additions will be, well, new: Users have been able to restore the Start menu and run windowed Metro apps for months."

The Galaxy S4 has become the only Android phone that matters

I found this on the Boy Genius Report web site, While it is true that I do not own a Galaxy S4, (It's also true that I don't own any smart phone), I have decided that if I were to buy a smart phone today this would be my choice.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Analysis

"While it’s not surprising that the iPhone 5s has dominated smartphone sales at major American carriers since its release this fall, it is somewhat surprising to see that the iPhone 5c has maintained a tight grip on the No. 3 spot at all major American carriers for the past three months as well. What this means is that, other than Samsung’s Galaxy S4, no other smartphone has been able to match sales of a device that many reports have indicated has been a disappointment.

Let’s recall that in the months between the time Samsung released the Galaxy S4 and the time Apple released its new iPhones, several other vendors released flagship smartphones aimed at taking on the mobile industry’s twin titans. But not one of them — not the HTC One, the Nokia Lumia 1020, the Moto X or the LG G2 — has been able to make anything close to a dent in the American smartphone market. 9to5Google shows us this chart from Canaccord Genuity featuring smartphone sales rankings across major carriers since August."