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I think this is a big deal. I could be wrong. I have downloaded it but not yet installed it. If you read the text below and agree that this might be a valuable tool for you, you can download it here:

I found this review on

"Cropper – Save & Print Anything On Your Screen

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How would you like a utility that allows you to capture anything you see on the screen? Not only capture but save, print or paste into other programs? How would you like it to have an easy interface where you simply drag a box over what you want to capture and press enter?
Cropper by Brian Scott is the best screen capture utility I’ve ever used. The software is simple to install by clicking “here” and clicking “download” on the right-hand side of the page. Once the software is downloaded, double-click “setup” and run the setup program. You may receive a Windows Smart Screen message saying it was blocked and asking if you would still like to run it. Click “run anyway.”  Don’t worry, I thoroughly scanned this program for virus and malware and it’s safe.

Once you’ve completed the installation and clicked on Cropper from the start menu, you will have a small icon in your task bar that looks like a box with a + sign in it. Double-click this icon to open Cropper.

Cropper now shows you a box which you can move by holding down the left mouse button in the middle of the box, and dragging it over what you would like to save. You can left-click and hold on the bottom right corner and drag to make the box bigger or smaller. You will see the px size (how many pixels the image will be) along with current output method in the box.

Once you’ve moved the box over what you want to capture, press the “enter” key and your screenshot will be saved to the default directory (in your My Documents under the folder Cropper Captures). To change the output method, right-click inside of the cropper box and click “output,” then select:
  • BMP: Older format but good for if you need a bitmap image.
  • Clipboard: This will copy to the Windows clipboard and you can then paste the screenshot into other programs by holding down Ctrl key and pressing V or going to Edit menu and selecting Paste in another program.
  • JPEG: This is the most popular picture format and you’ll need to select the quality from 10% (very low) to 100% (very high).
  • PNG: This is the up-and-coming picture format and while not as universally used as JPEG does produce smaller files for the same quality as a JPEG.
  • Printer: This option will bring up a print dialog and print what you’ve selected.
From this menu you can also get help, change the color of the Cropper window and open your screenshot folder by clicking “browse.” The options menu will allow you to change where the screenshots are saved by default, add options like timestamps, change the method of capturing and change the appearance of Cropper.

You can read more information and download Cropper by clicking here [1].

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Yet another scam

Do NOT be fooled by e-mails such as this one. Call it a phishing or spam e-mail, whichever you like, but it is JUNK and a SCAM!!! I have removed the links included in the e-mail (they are inactive). Note that Google (I use Gmail) had placed this e-mail in my Spam folder.


Microsoft Webmail Security

Microsoft Security
6:05 AM (4 hours ago)

to undisclosed recipients
Why is this message in Spam? It's similar to messages that were detected by our spam filters.  Learn more

Dear Mail User,
As part of the security measures to secure all email users across the world,All email users are mandated to have their account details registered as requested by the Microsoft Cyber-Crime Dept ( M C D ) .You are here by required to validate your account within 24 hours so as not to have your email account suspended and deleted from the world email server.
To get started, please click the link below:
This instruction has been sent to all Webmail Users Worldwide and is obligatory to follow.
Thank you,
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