Friday, August 24, 2012

"Are you ready for Windows 8? I’m not and here’s why…"

I am eminently unqualified to even comment on Windows 8, so I am happy to post another item from the Call That Girl Blog that covers the topic of Windows 8. It's early yet, but those of you who are buying a new computer this summer are being given coupons that will allow you to obtain a copy of Windows 8 for $14.99  or some low price like that when it becomes generally available. Before you jump into something new, I urge you to read the latest here or elsewhere on Windows 8.

Here is how the post starts:

"For those of you that are just now finally getting out of Windows Vista and moving to Windows 7, you are probably very happy consumers. Windows Vista (the operating system that was a problem for many folks) is done with, finished..over! We are all happy! Right? Well, you could see Vista’s annoying little brother coming up soon, aka…Windows 8. The technical people in my circles have all been doing previews and giving Windows 8 only bad reviews. What they are saying is that the “next” version after Windows 8 will be the best, like Windows 7 (ok, what year? 2013? haha!)"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why you should wait for the iPad Mini

Interesting. From

"Amazon and Google have opened the market to a whole new class of tablet customer with their 7-inch tablets priced affordably at $200. But the attractive price tag is only one reason to like these mini-tablets.

In this edition of Ask Maggie, I explain why I like smaller tablets and why I think readers interested in buying a tablet should wait to see if Apple also introduces a tiny, affordable iPad.

I also explain the ins and outs of buying a new iPhone directly from Apple or from your wireless carrier."