Monday, October 21, 2013

The Best Android Phones

I can't believe that I don't own a smartphone yet. It just boils down to the monthly charges for a smartphone. Right now I pay $35 a month to Verizon for virtually unlimited voice and text messaging. I just don't see the value - again for me - in doubling that fee or worse for the benefits I'd get. What surprises me is that I do like being out there on the technology curve and reaping the benefits. I guess in my old age I just struggle with the costs. Add to that the costs of cable, high speed internet, and land line and it gets rather ridiculous.

Nonetheless I have decided that if I do take the plunge it will be to an Android phone, and thus this post meant for me and like-minded others.

This article comes from

"These days, it seems like there's always a smarter, faster, bigger Android phone on the horizon.
Google's mobile operating system has managed to capture a record 80 percent share of the global smartphone OS market, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. That's thanks to Android's competitive licensing costs, a large, ever-growing app store, and numerous hardware partners—HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, and others offer multiple Android handsets on each carrier.

And that's one of the best things about Android: Choice. At any given time, on Verizon Wireless alone, there are at least 20 different Android handsets to choose from. AT&T sells just as many, and Sprint, T-Mobile, and the regional carriers also offer plenty of choices these days. But how do you decide on the right one?"
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Top 6 New Features in Windows 8.1

This is a good review of 6 of the top new features in Windows 8.1. For those of you on Windows 8, this is must reading. I think 8.1 looks pretty good. I'd probably wait 2 weeks or a month and watch the press for issues.

"Microsoft's just-launched Windows 8.1 upgrade is way more than a service pack, even though it's a free update for Windows 8 users through the Windows Store. And, let's be frank, even the operating system's most vocal supporters will probably agree that Microsoft needs an update bigger than a service pack to change Windows 8's somewhat rocky narrative. Yes, a lot of the changes are tweaks and tightenings, but there are also plenty of new capabilities like built-in support for 3D printing, Miracast display sharing, and a new Web radio feature in the included Xbox Music app."

TECH NOW: Decoding all that processor lingo

This comes from USA Today and will maybe help you figure out all the language concerning the microprocessors in today's electronic devices.

"Who cares about core processors? We do, and so should you if you plan to buy a new computer this year. Here's why:

If you've been in the market for a new gadget lately, you've likely been bombarded with tech jargon that sounds like a cross between a football audible — i3, i5, i7 (hike!) — and a choice of Ivy League schools (Snapdragon, Haswell, Ivy Bridge). I'm talking about various types of core processors, which are like the heart and brains of our favorite gadgets. Why should you care? For one, which one you choose makes a big difference in cost — sometimes by thousands of dollars. Also, core processors can play a big difference in how fast your gadget goes and how long the battery lasts."